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Free shipping on orders over $150

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Schacht Standard Loom

This item is special order.  Please contact the shop at 718.522.5820 or to order. It can be drop shipped directly to you, or picked up from Woolyn.  You will be contacted about shipping costs and an estimated shipping date.

Schacht’s Standard Floor Loom has a high castle, available with 36″ and 45″ weaving widths. Both looms function in the same way. The high castle includes a storage tray; you will also appreciate holes drilled in the top of the castle uprights for a lamp.

All Standard Floor Looms may be ordered with 8 or 4 Now-4 Later* shafts. The number of shafts you choose will depend on the kind of weaving you intend to do. If you have a keen interest in pattern drafting and weave structures, 8 shafts will allow you to fully develop this interest


  • Stainless steel reed (Choice of 6, 8, 10, 12 or 15 Dent)
  • 1000 Inserted Eye Heddles
  • Adjustable beater
  • Folding back beam
  • Removable front + back beams

Add on Features:

  • Double Back Beam
  • Sectional Beam


  • Weaving Width - 36" or 45"
  • Loom Width x Depth - 44" x 38" or 53" x 38"
  • Weight - 110 - 141 lbs depending on width + number of shafts