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Free shipping on orders over $150

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Schacht Arras Tapestry Loom

This item is special order.  Please contact the shop at 718.522.5820 or to order. It can be drop shipped directly to you, or picked up from Woolyn.  You will be contacted about shipping costs and an estimated shipping date.


The Arras Tapestry Loom embraces these age-old traditions with a modern, thoughtfully designed loom. Function, aesthetics, and comfort create a sturdy loom that is a joy to weave on. The Arras Tapestry Loom will withstand the rigors of tapestry weaving and is also inviting to weavers new to tapestry weaving.


  • 4 color coded coils
  • 100 texsolv heddles

Add on Features:

  • Beam Kit


  • Weaving Width - 20"
  • Loom Width - 27"
  • Height - 30" (can be raised 4")
  • Depth - 12" w/ legs unfolded, 7.25" w/ legs folded
  • Depth with Beam Kit - 14.75"
  • Weight - 10 lbs.
  • Weight with Beam Kit - 12.25 lbs