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Louet Flyer - Irish Tension


Additional Flyers for your Louet Irish Tensioned Wheel.  Bobbins not included.

Standard Flyer with Hooks: Standard Flyer with fixed hooks. 13mm orifice. Uses Standard Bobbins. Included with  S17 wheel. 

Standard Flyer - Sliding:  Standard Flyer with sliding hooks. Standard with all wheels except the S17.  13mm orifice.  Uses Standard Bobbins.

Art Yarn Flyer: Ideal for very thick yarn. 20mm orifice.  Uses Standard or Bulky Bobbins. Compatible with all new wheels. 

Bulky Yarn Flyer: Uses Bulky Bobbins to hold more yarn. 13mm orifice.  

High Speed Flyer: For fine yarn.  10mm orifice.  Uses High Speed or High Speed Fat Core Bobbins.  

This item is special order.  It can be drop shipped directly to you, or picked up from Woolyn.  You will be contacted about an estimated shipping date.

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