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Ashford Table Loom


The Ashford table looms are popular with both beginner and experienced weavers.
The looms fold flat for easy transport, even with your weaving in place, making them ideal for moving. The overhead beater for best weaving shed, with automatic bounce back, gives a wonderful shed and even beating. Levers are within easy reach for comfortable weaving. Each shaft can be lifted simply and quickly and is independent enabling a wide variety of patterns to be woven. 


  • Overhead beater
  • 10 dent reed
  • 320, 480 or 640 texsolv heddles (16, 24 or 32")
  • 4, 8, or 12 shafts (not all widths available in all shafts)
  • 2 shuttles

Add on Features:

  • Stand
  • Treadle Kit
  • Second Back Beam
  • Raddle


  • Weaving width: 16, 24, 32"
  • Weight: 18, 23, 27lbs
This item is special order.  Please contact the shop at 718.522.5820 or info@woolyn.com to order. It can be drop shipped directly to you, or picked up from Woolyn.  You will be contacted about shipping costs and an estimated shipping date.

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