Quaranskein Mystery Pack - $120


The Quaranskein Mystery Pack is an individually curated yarn surprise that will arrive at your doorstep. Or picked up from the shop. 

It is fun to play! Choose the amount you want to spend and we'll put together a fabulous yarn surprise + three pattern suggestions for you.

In the notes of your order, choose a yarn weight you want to receive and a word to inspire us - it could be a color, a theme, a favorite song, anything! 

Your surprise will always be well thought out and the value will be very good for what you're paying - we promise!  Each mystery pack will be chosen with love and care.

Choosing colors IS my super power, after all.


Don't forget to leave your word in the notes field when checking out - click on the cart icon on the top menu and a field should appear (sorry it is so hidden, trying to get it to be more visible!)

Because of the nature of the Mystery Pack there are no exchanges or returns on items received.